Welcome Pambassadors!

If you follow this blog regularly, you may remember that a little under a year ago we reported on the election of the new ‘Pambassadors’ in China! One of the winners of this competition was a Frenchman Jérôme Pouille, alongside Melissa Katz from America, and Chen Yin-Rong from China. This lucky trio won the privilege to take part in a world tour with the aim of informing the public about the conservation of giant pandas.

As part of this tour, the trio arrive at Beauval tomorrow, the 20th of September! We will have the great honour of welcoming the Pambassadors to the ‘Heights of China’ at 14:30. Make sure to be there to hear about their adventure and to attend our prize giving ceremony!

Les Pambassadeurs 2013 à Beauval !

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Happy Birthday Yuan Zi!

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Yuan Zi’s birthday!

Vendredi 6 septembre 2013 : anniversaire de Yuan ZiYuan Zi’s birthday is this Friday! To avoid any jealousy, we will also be celebrating his birthday as we did Huan Huan’s.

Make sure to be at his enclosure for 10 o’clock as our visitors will be able to decorate the windows of his enclosure with drawings and birthday messages! At 10:45 there is a panda presentation where the treat that we have prepared for Yuan Zi will be unveiled!

We hope to see you tomorrow in the ‘Heights of China’…


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A big birthday bash!

Saturday the 10th of August was a very special day indeed as it was the birthday of our female giant panda Huan Huan.

An amazing birthday cake made of frozen strawberries, apples, bamboo and water was served to our little princess Huan Huan for her birthday… what an amazing treat!

After a few words from Rodolphe Delord, the Director of ZooParc de Beauval, our visitors sang a full-hearted rendition of ‘happy birthday’ to Huan Huan.

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Huan Huan will soon be 5!

Come and celebrate Huan Huan, our female giant panda’s birthday when she turns 5 on Saturday the 10th of August!

Meet at 11 o’clock in the ‘Heights of China’ where an amazing birthday cake will be served to Huan Huan…

Panda face-painting is available for children throughout the day and there is a special fresco where you can write your messages for Madame Panda on her special day!

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Look into my eyes!

Do you know how to tell the difference between Huan Huan and Yuan Zi?

By their eye markings of course! The black eye markings around their eyes are a slightly different shape; Yuan Zi, our male panda, has kidney bean shaped eye markings, whereas Huan Huan, our female, has more oval shaped eye markings.

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T minus 5 days… what excitement!

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T minus 10 days…

What event is Huan Huan preparing herself for?

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Playing around!

Huan Huan jouant sur (et sous) son hamac !If you have taken a stroll in the ‘Heights of China’, you will no doubt have already noticed our giant pandas eating bamboo, sleeping, or making use of the various different objects in their enclosure.
Huan Huan for example is particularly fond of her hammock, in which she often attempts to perform various different acrobatics.

Huan Huan jouant sur (et sous) son hamac !… whoops!…
Huan Huan jouant sur (et sous) son hamac !

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Giant giant pandas!

Carnaval de Oucques-la-Joyeuse, 17 février 2013The 2013 Carnival de Oucques-la-Joyeause (41) paid homage to Beauval’s pandas with a couple of huge giant panda effigies!

Measuring 3 metres high and made of crepe paper, these doubles of our giant pandas made a big impression… literally!

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